Jack Ma is a self made Billionaire and founder of Alibaba.

Key Quotes from Leader
  • Learn from other failures.
  • For young leaders what Jack Ma suggests is try to work and no matter even you fail and fall. Then again stand and try to do. You are not going to loose much.
  • Jack Ma has started Alibaba without much money and without much technology and by forming 18 persons in his apartment as a team. But with a great vision and worked with passion.
  • As a leader one more important statement is that he wants to turn Alibaba into such a organization even tomorrow if Jack Ma is not there, Alibaba should be there. What it means is you have to build more powerful leaders for any organization to run in long term.
  • People need to build IQ (Intelligent Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), LQ (Love Quotient) to be success.
  • Actually people with high EQ and who can manage even other emotions will have better chances to get into senior management.
  • When you are doing any business you will not get success today, you will not get success tomorrow and you will get success day after tomorrow. But most of them will die tomorrow evening. What he means to say when you pass hurdles that will come tomorrow then only you can get onto day after tomorrow success. But many will stop at hurdles which are coming tomorrow and they will never be able to see day after tomorrow success.
Key Roles as Leader

Jack Ma is a self made billionaire and his initial career is teacher. Alibaba is founded by him by gathering 18 people in his apartment and by gathering 50,000 USD from all of them.

When World does not know much about internet, Jack Ma wants to connect buyers and sellers by means of Internet.

He converted that dream into Alibaba platform which connects not only China buyers and sellers but now it connects World buyers and sellers.

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