Founders of World Top Companies

  1. Steve Jobs is founder of World Number 1 Company Apple.

  2. Bill Gates is founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates donated more than 30 Billion USD to charity institutes. If we include the 30 Billion USD in his wealth creation, then Bill Gates is the person who has created most wealth in the World even when compared with Jeff Bezos who is founder of Amazon.

  3. Larry Page is one of the founders of Google Search Engine.

  4. ‎Sergey Brin is co-founder of Google which is the World's biggest and most popular search engine.

  5. Jeff Bezos is CEO of Amazon which is World number 1 eCommerce website and it also provides AWS cloud services. Jeff Bezos is World's richest person with Net Worth of 185 Billion USD as on November 2020.

    Key Quotes:

    Key Quotes from Jeff Bezos

    • One should try new stuff. AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Blue Origin might have been great success. But along with that lot of other initiatives failed. Even very successes will compensate lot of failures. So one should try new stuff with proper planning.
    • Choosing right people and work with them is most important thing to be success.
    • Jeff Bezos organizes important meetings mainly at 10'o Clock which need more IQ to take decisions.
    • If you can impress your customers with your work or your excellent services, then the customer will discuss their own excellent experience with other customer. This word of mouth publicity is very powerful in any business. The other people who heard from your customers has more probability to be your customers. "Word of Mouth" publicity is most important stuff in business.
    • Most dangerous thing in business is not trying to evolve.
  6. Mark Zuckerberg is founder and CEO of World Number 1 Social Media company FaceBook.

    Key Quotes:
    • The biggest risk is not planning to take any risk.
    • People does not care what you say but finally what matters is what you build.
    • First identify and complete easiest parts of entire project or plan. It will help in progress.
  7. Elon Musk is founder of Tesla and Tesla is leader in manufacturing electric vehicles and solar equipment. Elon Musk is also founder of SpaceX and SpaceX is the first private company which is having capability to launch private satellites.

    Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates type of people are exceptional people in terms of capabilities and thinking out of box solutions.

    He had seen many failures before reaching success stories of Tesla and SpaceX.

    Finally with hard work and Smart work and Perfect work post seeing many failures in his path, Elon Musk made Tesla into a company having over 600 Billion USD market cap as on July-2021.

    Even SpaceX market value as on July-2021, will be over 50 Billion USD as per us.

    Elon Musk is real world hero. Even for Billionaires, when it is difficult to enter into Space Industry, Elon Musk entered Space Industry by means of SpaceX company just as a millionaire and he achieved success after seeing failures.

    Generally just a millionaire can't even dream about entering Space Industry at that time.

    But Elon Musk just entered as a Millionaire into SpaceX. Prior to end of 2024, in our view SpaceX will become 100 Billion USD worth company and SpaceX will become one of leaders in Telecom industry by means of Satellite communications.

    How we are talking about Einstein in the current generation, future generations will talk about Elon Musk in similar way.

    Elon Musk is king of electric vehicle industry and inspiration story and ray of hope for all the companies who are entering into Space Industry.

  8. Ma Huateng is Co-Founder of Tencent. He is current Chairman and CEO of Tencent.

  9. Jensen Huang is Founder, President and CEO of Nvidia Corporation.

    Jensen Huang founded NVIDIA in 1993.

  10. Jack Ma is a self made Billionaire and founder of Alibaba.

    Key Quotes:
    • Learn from other failures.
    • For young leaders what Jack Ma suggests is try to work and no matter even you fail and fall. Then again stand and try to do. You are not going to loose much.
    • Jack Ma has started Alibaba without much money and without much technology and by forming 18 persons in his apartment as a team. But with a great vision and worked with passion.
    • As a leader one more important statement is that he wants to turn Alibaba into such a organization even tomorrow if Jack Ma is not there, Alibaba should be there. What it means is you have to build more powerful leaders for any organization to run in long term.
    • People need to build IQ (Intelligent Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), LQ (Love Quotient) to be success.
    • Actually people with high EQ and who can manage even other emotions will have better chances to get into senior management.
    • When you are doing any business you will not get success today, you will not get success tomorrow and you will get success day after tomorrow. But most of them will die tomorrow evening. What he means to say when you pass hurdles that will come tomorrow then only you can get onto day after tomorrow success. But many will stop at hurdles which are coming tomorrow and they will never be able to see day after tomorrow success.

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