Disinvestment in 2021-22 is not good idea in India at low price as there is one quarter lockdown in India.

Due to one quarter complete lockdown, financial status of companies will definitely be relatively bad. So Government will get less money if they sell it now. Better to wait for one more year.

We are not against disinvestment. But we are against selling India Government owned companies at low prices to other corporate companies or individuals.

There is complete lockdown from March 2020 to June 2020. So it is not good idea to sell India Government companies at low prices in 2021-22.

Instead of that, please wait for 2022-23 where companies will turn profitable as Covid-19 impact decreases.

So our recommendation to India government is for disinvestment please wait for 2022-23.

If needed India can borrow money for Capital Expenditure.

India borrowed amount when compared with GDP is not in bad position. Still India Government can borrow upto 7 to 8 lakh Crores for Capital expenditure purposes.

Again borrow in rupee terms and not in USD terms.

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