Mrs. Rajni Bector an inspiration story for Indian Women and she built 3000 Crores INR Market Value business in Food Industry by investing 20,000 INR.

She is a normal house wife and she has interest in manufacturing food products and she initially started making few bakery food products. 

She started her business with catering and now her business "Mrs. Bectors Foods", market value is more than 3000 Crores INR.

Mrs. Rajni Bector business now making annual turnover 714.85 Crores INR for year ending March 2020 and had net profit of 28.21 Crores INR.

Now her business is able to supply buns and other items for fast food companies like  Mc. Donalds, Burger King and many other reputed brands in India.

Initially she started catering business with less than 1000 INR and then slowly after catering business is growing then she started business by investing 20,000 INR on 1978.

Now that 20,000 Crores INR business has converted into 3000 Crores worth business of "MRS Bectors Food Specialities Ltd".

What matter here more is rather than worth of 3000 Crores INR, her business is able to provide employment for thousands of people and also she remained as inspirational story for Indian Women.

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