In the name of disinvestment, it is better not to sell 1.6 lakh Crores worth Visakh steel plant for around 30,000 Crores INR.

Just the land of approximately 20,000 acres of Visakh steel plant will cost over 1 lakh crores.

Machinery, Installations and other related stuff belongs to Visakh steel plant will cost over 50,000 Crores INR.

Overall as per information available to us, Market Value of Visakh Steel plant will be around 160,000 Crores INR.

Even we need to add the value of skilled labour of Visakh Steel workers should be added to the Market Value of Visakh Steel Plant.

Just allocating proper captive mine to Visakh Steel Plant will fetch lot of money to Indian Government every year in the form of taxes.

Actually we are not against disinvestment, but especially this year post couple of months lockdown will not fetch good amount of money to Indian Government.

Indian Government has to postpone plans of disinvestments for FY 2022-23 for better ROI.

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