Can Tesla hit a target of 2,879 Billion USD by 2025. As per us, it is highly impossible.

If Tesla stock has to hit 3000 USD then Tesla market value should hit 2,879 Billion USD. As per us, many many miracles should happen to hit 3000 USD stock price. As per us, it is just creating much hype about Tesla.

Apple which is World number 1 company and which generates more than 50 Billion USD net income itself does not have 2.5 Trillion USD.

Actually Apple is a globally known famous World brand in sophisticated electronics, laptops, smartphones etc.

Definitely even Tesla is famous brand for Electric Cars and batteries.

Definitely I am also a fan of Elon Musk and Tesla. But if Tesla could hit 1500 USD by 2025, then that itself is sufficient.

Why we are giving the above statement?

Leaving Tesla, let us look how the market values of other popular automotive sector is?

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION had market value of 216 Billion USD and it is highest market value company in automotive sector excluding Tesla as Jan-01-2021. It generates net income of 19 Billion USD per Year.

VOLKSWAGEN had market value of 100 Billion USD and it is 2nd highest market value company in automotive sector excluding Tesla as on Jan-01-2021. It generates net income of 16.39 Billion USD per Year.

DAIMLER AG had market value of 75 Billion USD and it is 3rd highest market value company in automotive sector excluding Tesla as Jan-01-2021.

How much Tesla generating per year now?

Annual Net Income is less than 1 Billion USD.

So generally current annual net income does not have any link with it having 600 Billion USD. But already considering by 2023-24, it's production capacity will increase and it's net income will increase, Tesla is having current market value of 600 Billion USD.

Currently Toyota, Volkswagen and Daimler market value put together is less than 500 Billion USD.

Current market value of 600 Billion USD itself is not considering current performance, but considering it could do well by 2023-24.

Current Revenues and Net Profit of Tesla are very low generally what a company with market value of 600 Billion USD should have.

Considering above points, just make a note Tesla hitting 3000 USD stock price by 2025 is just a miracle.

Tesla does not have enough data points to have market value of 2,879 Billion USD. 

One should understand 3000 USD stock price of Tesla means they are telling Tesla market value will be 2,879 Billion USD which is highly highly difficult as per us considering above data points.

Apart from that, Europe is planning to setup giga factories for electric vehicles.

Even Toyota is planning to enter electric vehicles manufacturing segment and already started work.

World number 1 company Apple, planning to jump into electric vehicles.

So Tesla can not be a monopoly in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Apart from all above data points, even if Tesla had manufactured huge amount of electric vehicles by automating all stuff then even World should have enough consumption capacity.

Consumption capacity of cars will not improve drastically in next 4 years. Already we had posted market values of World Top 3 automobile companies excluding Tesla in the above points.

So considering all above data points, assuming that Tesla stock price will hit 3000 USD could be a hype in market as per us and that will not be possible.




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