Tesla is planning to establish its manufacturing unit it Karnataka of India. Tesla needs no introduction and it is global leader in electric vehicles.

Tesla is a 800 Billion dollar industry. There is high possibility that Tesla will scale up in India in both manufacturing of electrical vehicles and also solar equipment.

In parallel, India has to come up with establishment of Electric Charge Stations in huge scale in India. This will help to reduce imports of Crude Oil which is becoming burden for India.

Getting to Tesla side, recently India government is planning to disinvest Vizag Steel Plant which has 20,000 acres of land and 19000 workers working in Vizag steel.

Actually we are against disinvestment of Vizag Steel. But if company like Tesla takeover Vizag steel plant then Vizag will be one of top 3 cities in India in next 7 years by GDP.

Advantage for Tesla is Vizag has port and it is easy to export it's electric vehicles. Second thing is surplus of water availability.

If Tesla can takeover Vizag steel plant then it will benefit both Andhra Pradesh and India.

But current plan of Tesla is to establish it's manufacturing plant in Karnataka.

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