What is there in Bitcoin that made the price of Bitcoin which is 125 USD in Jan-2013 soaring to 49,000 USD in Feb-2021?

Even today we do not have complete understanding of BitCoin.

But this is how BitCoin price has increased year by year.

Elon Musk invested in BitCoins. Warren Buffet has not invested and not interested also in Bitcoins.

Again related to us, we do not have complete knowledge about bitcoins.

Just what we know is 21 million bitcoins are there globally. If each bitcoin is work 49,000 USD then all bitcoins should be worth of 1.029 Trillion USD.

But what is there in those coins to have value of 1.029 Trillion USD is what we are not able to understand.

Year Bitcoin Average Price in USD
2013 489
2014 528
2015 272
2016 566
2017 3,952
2018 7,562
2019 7,351
2020 11,064
2021 37,076

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